Julian Douglas, Michael Rutherford, Bezl Labonte - Rhythm Quest

Rhythm Quest is an exploration of the mysteries of world percussion, rhythm, and the timeless practice of drumming that has been the at the root of community solidarity, the vehicle for the visions of shamans, the source of trance and ecstasy in rituals and ceremonies, and the driver of personal evolution for musicians around the world and throughout history.

Twisting Time since 1995!

Rhythm Quest was formed by Julian Douglas and Christopher Austin in 1994 based on a love and fascination with all things related to world percussion and rhythm.

Joined shortly thereafter by Michael Rutherford and Rick Donnelly and most recently, Bezl Labonte, Rhythm Quest has performed and taught workshops in the Midwest and Northeast.

The Rhythm Quest is ongoing - a constant deepening of awareness of the myriad ways music, rhythm, and percussion affects community and individual in body, mind, and spirit.